Who are you? Tell me about yourself!

Hi everyone,

My name is Shona Kim and I am an advanced aesthetic practitioner (Yes! I offer a variety medical skin care treatments, laser and injectables!).


Being a Korean-Aussie aesthetic practitioner, I get asked these questions all the time: “What’s the best Korean skin care? What's the best Korean facial masks? What would you recommend me?”

But when I looked around, I couldn't find any place that is bringing the latest and the best Korean beauty products. Most of them were selling stuff that aren't very well known in Korea. There was no single place that actually introduces  ‘real Korean beauty secrets’ in Australia. This has always been my vision - to create a place where true K-beauty lovers can find everything they need! 


So I finally decided to do act on my dream, using my strengths as a Korean-Aussie aesthetics practitioner to bring the latest trends and the best products direct from Korea.


I've checked all the ingredients in every single product and made sure that there are no harsh ingredients like parabens or sulphates. The newest beauty trend in Korea is 'smart and clean beauty'. So let's be smart and know what we are actually putting on our face and our body.


I wanted to start with the basics. Something that is affordable and effective even for skin care beginners. Once you master this, you can then move onto the next level, with medical grade cosmeceuticals. A lot of Korean skin care products that I'll be introducing will have cosmeceutical grade ingredients though to help you transition.


I'll also be bringing affordable and effective facial masks. In Australia, we mainly use sheet masks  but did you know that there are many types of facial masks? Rubber mask, plaster, hydrogel, tensil masks, just to name a few!


Watch this space! 


Can't wait to share more with you all!!