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Medical skincare expert and AHPRA registered advanced aesthetics practitioner, Shona Kim, brings the latest trends and real Korean beauty secrets.

As an asthetics practitioner, I got to work with so many amazing international cosmeceutical brands (medical grade skincare products) and I saw amazing results first hand. If you would like to invest in your skin and use medical grade cosmeceutical products, please reach out to me @facial_harmony_by_shona. I can confidently say that there are some products out there that are worth your $$! (Website coming soon!)

However, I understand that there are people who would like to take baby steps! There are people who are totally new to skin care!

Being a Korean-Aussie aesthetic practitioner, I get asked these questions all the time: ‘What’s the best Korean skin care? What's the best Korean facial masks?"


(but Shona, I don't know much about Korean beauty...)

 If you haven't heard of K-beauty before? 


If not, you might have come across several new brands in Australia recently. At Myer, Mecca, Priceline.. It's literally EVERYWHERE! There are so many different Korean skin care brands that I can't even keep up! 

Koreans are also known for their 'glass skin', 'age-defying' or 'porcelain skin'. K-beauty is one of the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry all over the world. Millions of skin-concerned people around the globe are turning to K-beauty products now.


But when I looked around, I couldn't find any places that are bringing the authentic, latest and the hottest Korean beauty products. Most of them were selling stuff that aren't very well known in Korea. So I wanted help my beautiful clients by using my strengths as a Korean-Aussie aesthetics practitioner to bring the latest trends and the best products direct from Korea. Because I know that Korean beauty products offer excellent value.

You will find that all the Korean skincare products listed are similar price or even cheaper than what you would be expected to pay in Korea! This is thanks to the advantage of being a well-connected aesthetics practitioner :)



glass skin. curates clean beauty skincare products that are innovative and containing skin-safe ingredients only. (Yes, we check every single ingredient and only curated the ones which have no or minimal harsh ingredients!)

glass skin. makes skincare more affordable and effective even for skin care beginners.

glass skin. is an e-commerce total beauty community.


glass skin. brings the collection of best Korean beauty products that are trending in Korea RIGHT THIS MOMENT! Let us take you to the world of AUTHENTIC beauty trend.


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 I will be sharing how to take care of your skin in the simplest way with you all!

Thank you for letting me be your skincare journey buddy!    


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