Clean beauty? the latest beauty trend!


Clean Beauty is fast becoming the latest beauty trend in Korea. A few years back, companies produced beauty products containing ingredients like artificial colours and fragrances to hide the use of other harmful ingredients that can cause skin irritation and other potential side effects.

Things have changed drastically since. Now companies have shifted their focus on creating beauty products that are free from harmful/harsh ingredients such as parabens, PED, silicone etc. More and more Korean skincare companies are now producing skin care line using natural and organic ingredients.



This movement is driven by the increased awareness of the consumers on the ingredients going in to the skincare products that they are using. As we can easily find the information on our phones in a matter of seconds, I believe that we need to make informed decisions when it comes to skin care products. This is why I started glass skin.- to increase awareness of what we are actually putting on our skin, and to introduce natural skin care products that are kind to our skin and the planet.


Do you guys want to know what I will be bringing for you all first? :D


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