What is K-beauty? Why is it so popular!?

What is K-beauty? Korean skincare? Korean beauty?

Before you learn the term ‘K-beauty’, let me introduce you to K-pop. Maybe, you have already heard the name. The term refers to Korean popular music, followed by Korean TV dramas for K-drama. In the same way, K-beauty refers to the beauty industry of Korea. 



K-beauty does not only focus on make-up. It also covers the skin care industry both in Korea and all over the globe. Therefore, the beauty industry of Korea targets all including male, female, and even children. Koreans in general are very aware of the importance of the skincare. That’s why even very young people in Korea start looking after their skin from an early age. 


If you haven't heard of K-beauty before? 

If not, you might have come across several new brands in Australia recently. At Myer, Mecca, Priceline.. It's literally EVERYWHERE! There are so many different Korean skin care brands that I can't even keep up! 

Koreans are also known for their 'glass skin', 'age-defying' or 'porcelain skin'. K-beauty is one of the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry all over the world. Millions of skin-concerned people around the globe are turning to K-beauty products now.


                   [Korean actress Han Hye Jin - look at her glass skin]

                    img from www.beuatyhankoook.com


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