the 2020 hot beauty trend - 'MASK'

If you have to pick one item that we cannot forget about in 2020….

It would be the ‘MASK’!

Masks give us so many problems such as maskne, breakouts, pimples and acne etc

Let me explain the 2020 hot beauty trend for you.


M - Mild Cleansing
People are looking for low pH & gentle cleanser to protect their skin

A - Anti-Trouble
Masks increase temperature, moisture and friction which makes the skin more susceptible to irritation. So we need products that provide anti-trouble care!

S - Skip-care
Do you think that Korean 10-step skincare routine is still a thing? NOPE! That’s old news! Simple skincare! Too many layers of products + wearing a mask everyday would end up clogging your pores even more!

K - Keep cooling
Maskne occurs as a result of sebum(oil) secretion on the face being increased when the temperature rises. So we need to have products that help cooling our skin!

I am organising pre-launching event so we can enjoy this beauty trend!!

Watch this space!